Powering the robots of tomorrow. Today.

A powerful suite to build robots

Easy design

Ready to use components
for robot requirements

Fast prototype

Built your robot in minutes
with plug & play approach

Ready to scale

From a single prototype
to thousands of units

Save money, save time, improve quality

Traditional process
Nova Core process
Nova Core provides components without performance compromises,
drammatically cutting down development time and costs.

Nova suite: a complete solution

Build your robot in just 3 steps


Identify your requirements and choose the
corrisponding Nova Core® modules


Control your robots without
deep technical skills


Nova Core® speaks most
common robot languages

Great power, small size

Nova Core provides modules to control different type of motors, sense the world with state of the art sensors, and communicate via several interfaces. Nova Middleware makes firmware development straightforward, and guarantees real-time communication between modules.

Powered by Nova Core

Building robots with Nova Core is simpler and faster than ever.
Find out examples of robots powered by our technology.